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Advances in lens technology and changes in frame fashions have lead to a variety of choices for vision correction needs. It is our job to educate you as to the best options for your individual situation.

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We offer a large selection of fashionable frames at fair prices. Our staff will give you personal service to help you find the right frame for your lifestyle and budget.

Advances in the technology of eyeglass lenses has offered us many more options in allowing you to both look better and see better.

- Types of Corrective Lenses -


Single Vision

Single vision lenses provide correction with only one focal point.


Standard bifocals have a visible line and provide two fields of vision, distance and near. There is no special area for midrange viewing


These lenses have 2 lines and provide three fields of view; distance, intermediate, and near.


Progressive addition lenses have no lines and provide a continuous, gradual change in power from eyelevel down to the bottom of the frame.

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As licensed optometrists, Dr. Barry Kay and Dr. Mark Deweese provide eye examinations, preventative eye care, emergency treatment of eye infections and eye injuries, along with treatment of pink eye and dry eye.