Using your contact lens after LASIK

Using your contact lens after LASIK

A frequently asked question before eye surgery lasik is, “When must I quit using contact lenses before LASIK?”

Nearly all physicians will suggest that you refrain from using contact lenses for a specified time period before your LASIK treatment. Certainly, most physicians are going to specify some time during which people must be with no contact lenses prior to gathering pre-operative measures.

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The quantity of time your doctor hints you refrain from using contact lenses differs per doctor. The reasons the doctor advises individuals to stay away from contact lenses are almost surely the same. This’s exactly why eye surgery lasik individuals have to refrain from using contact lenses.

1. Contact lenses produce corneal edema, which could impede the reliability of vital eye procedures taken before surgery.

2. Contact lenses might aggravate the eyes. eyes that are Dry may well impede the healing process after surgery. Visit to read about Use these preemptive tips before going for LASIK.

When to Discontinue Contact Lens Wearing 

We suggest that individuals refrain from using soft contact lenses 5 days ahead of their pre-eye surgery lasik examination. If the individual is now using toric contact lenses our experts suggest they be eliminated for 10 days before preoperative measurements. Our contact lenses of ours are astigmatism correcting contact lenses. This type of contact lens usually suits the eye more well, so the patient’s eyes take much longer to go back to their usual, unaffected shape. Our physicians suggest that patients refrain from using contact lenses for 14 days before the process day for both toric and soft lenses.

Exceptions to the Generally Accepted Rules 

Different kinds of contact lenses will snap for different amounts of time. in case you use rigid gas permeable contact lenses or maybe challenging contact lenses, the physicians of ours are going to prescribe an extended time off of lenses than if you are wearing soft contact lenses. Nearly all people that use a difficult or maybe gas permeable contact lens will call for a minimum of 6 days with no contact lenses.  You can also read about lasik eye surgery by clicking here.

Doctors suggest taking a week off from contact lenses for each decade spent utilizing tough lenses. For the vast majority of the time needed to stay lens-free, our physicians will help the individual in transitioning to soft lenses. Nevertheless, the physician might need the individual to be contact lens free at times.

Ironically, the physician might occasionally urge people wear contact lenses before eye surgery lasik to see a particular kind of vision, like monovision. The patient might attempt it for a bit period of time, like an hour or 2. Conversely, the individual might test the monovision contact lenses before the requisite contact lens-free period.

Rest Your Eyes 

Following eye surgery lasik While eye surgery lasik is amazing and also involves minimal healing time, it’s nevertheless a medical operation. As with every operation, it’s crucial to start your recovery of yours on a good note. The best point you are able to do after your eye surgery lasik procedure is returning sleep and home.

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You might have several small discomforts when the numbing eye drops fade away. Resting your eyes after the usage of otc pain treatment is regarded as a useful method to ease some discomfort you might have. Even in case, you’re powerless to drift off, closing your eyes of yours and relaxing for 2 to 3 hours after eye surgery lasik is beneficial.

Take it Slowly

You might feel marvelous after eye surgery lasik. Lots of people see an immediate improvement in their vision of theirs after the procedure!

Nevertheless, that doesn’t indicate you need to instantly start doing intense activities. Along with your eyes of yours, you require recovery after eye surgery lasik.

You need to rest for no less than one day or perhaps 2 after eye surgery lasik. This’s not the time frame to start training for a marathon, binge-watching movies for 12 hours, or maybe spending time on the net.

Instead of that, you need to make an attempt to relax your eyes of yours and prevent excessive use of any electronic gadget. …